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About the Natural Ohio Bodybuilding Association

The Natural Ohio Bodybuilding Association (NOBA) was created in 2003 as a way to deliver the best possible experience for drug-free athletes. The NOBA holds two annual shows, including a spring and fall show, delivering a first-class and enjoyable experience for anyone who competes. The NOBA is a Drug Free Athletes Coalition (DFAC) affiliate, giving the overall winners from each NOBA show the chance to compete alongside the top professional competitors in natural bodybuilding.
ClassesThe NOBA offers a variety of weight classes and divisions, including men’s bodybuilding and physique, women’s bodybuilding, bikini, fitness and physique, as well as junior and senior divisions. The NOBA also offers novice classes for first-time and beginner competitors, giving athletes a number of options when it comes to stepping on the stage.
Trophies/SponsorsWe attract a strong number of sponsors for each show and several have been supporters of NOBA for many years. We deliver great experiences for every sponsor, meaning great opportunities for all competitors. Our unique trophies and prizes is another way we have strived to make each show a thrilling event for everyone involved.
Goodie BagsIn an effort to make the experience as memorable and enjoyable as possible for all competitors, the NOBA has worked to deliver goodie bags that are unmatched in the natural bodybuilding circuit. Each competitor receives a huge bag of samples from each of our partners, as well as an official show t-shirt.
Competing at NOBAThose who compete at a NOBA event will experience a first-class show in all aspects, making it a worry and stress-free event for everyone. From pre-show preparation to drug testing to starting on time to running a fun, competitive and efficient show, we put the competitor first and deliver on that in every respect.
JudgingOur judges have continually proven to be some of the most knowledgeable, experienced and successful competitors in the natural bodybuilding world. That level of expertise makes sure each class and each competitor is judged fairly and strong, consistent judging is something we take a great deal of pride in at each show. Our judges are also quick to offer any tips and/or constructive criticism for any competitor who asks following the show.

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