About us
Why Choose the Natural Ohio Bodybuilding Association
The Natural Ohio Bodybuilding Association is dedicated to delivering a tremendous experience for all competitors, fans and sponsors. We have worked hard over the past 13 years to do just that and we are constantly improving on making the show better and making it stand out from the rest.
ExperienceOur goal at the NOBA is to always deliver the best possible experience for drug-free athletes at our two annual shows. That means a well-run, organized show that starts on time, runs efficiently and without any delays, putting athletes in the best position to compete at their best and enjoy their time. It also means giving our athletes a great setting when they step on stage, great judging and an overall memorable experience.
OpportunitiesThe NOBA is a Drug Free Athletes CoalitionĀ (DFAC) affiliate, giving the overall winners from each NOBA show the chance to compete alongside the top professional competitors in natural bodybuilding. Our shows also feature first-class spray tanning, photography, digital media and video services, giving competitors a chance to not only look their best on the day of the show, but also remember their exciting day thanks to our strong media partnerships.
PartnershipsWe have formed great partnerships with some of the top names in the sports nutrition industry and those sponsorships allow all competitors to benefit with the best prize packages of any natural bodybuilding show. Each competitor receives a massive goodie bag loaded with samples and an event t-shirt, while class winners receive great prize packs with full-size products from our sponsors and unique trophies that are not seen at any other natural show.